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Welcome to the Banner Printing Directory & Blog. NYC is the Billboard capital of the world. Wherever you turn in Manhattan you will likely see dozens of vinyl billboards on buildings. and that's precisely why we launched this service. New Yorker's need quality information on how to advertise on large building throughout the five boroughs. View our articles to attain informative information that will teach you everything you need to know about getting your business displayed throughout the Big Apple in extremely large formats.. All your frequently asked questions will be answered.

We also provide New Yorkers with licensed, screened and A+ rated online printing services and local print shops. Stay tuned for our featured NYC printing companies.

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Vinyl Banners 101: An Introduction

Printing banners for large scale advertising requires very sturdy material. Simply put, if you are trying to advertise your company on a highway billboard or the side of a building your ad must be very rugged. It has to withstand mother nature as well as pollution. These large signs or advertisements that we tend to see outside are generally made out of vinyl (also known as PVC). In areas with heavy wind the banners will need to be produced with a mesh like PVC so that wind can pass through.


In areas like NYC, vinyl billboard banners can be seen by the dozens on every street corner. Millions of dollars are dished out by businesses to display themselves anywhere they can outdoors. Considering the amount of foot traffic in densely populated cities this type of advertising becomes very appealing.


In recent years banners have become an extremely popular way of branding a business. Even local businesses have joined the outdoor advertising world and are now benefiting from techniques which Fortune 500 companies have been using for years. The sports and entertainment industries have been leading the pact for decades with highly aggressive billboard ad campaigns.


If you are looking to get your business or brand recognized banners may be the best way to get seen. Looking for creative motivation for your next ad? Just take a walk around your local city center look around and take notes. Once you are done just pick up the phone and call a reputable large format printing company.

Different Options For Large Format Printing:

Large format printing refers to any print material that is meant to be displayed in large sizes. These range from 11”x17” posters, to printing materials that cover floors or ceilings. All sorts of sizes are available in different materials and forms. Prints can be done digital (1-99 short run orders) or offset printing (several thousand pieces). Printing costs rise as the size gets bigger but cost per unit gets cheaper as the volume increases (wholesale printing). There are also a variety of materials available to make prints appropriate for use indoors or outdoors.

In large format printing the most common materials involve:

Vinyl banners:

This synthetic material is very durable and can be UV-coated for additional protection from the sun, also giving it an extra gloss. It is water-proof, tear-resistant, crease resistant, and when printed with archival ink, will last for several years. The problem with vinyl banners is that the print has a grainy look and is sometimes pixilated. At good distances these small flaws are not noticeable, showing a good quality photographic finish. The material is most suitable for large prints meant to be viewed at a distance. The material is used for printing on buildings or billboards, floor-to-ceiling installations, banners, and outdoor posters.

Gloss Text:

This material is just like the type they use for glossy magazine pages. It has a light gloss and smooth finish. It prints photographic images with an even sheen. The material is sensitive so is only meant for indoor use. It is suitable for making large and inexpensive prints. Its uses include pin-ups, flyers, disposable place mats, and posters.

Semi-gloss and high gloss:

Sizes for this material can be as large as 58”x100”. Depending on the finish or coating of the material the prints may be suitable for indoor and outdoor use. High gloss prints provide a smooth sheen to your prints. Semi-gloss prints may not have the same classy effect that high-gloss prints have, but if you need your prints to be more durable, it is still a good and professional-looking option. These prints are suitable for indoor or outdoor posters, trade-show displays, presentation boards, and instructional flip charts.

Artist Canvas:

This is the same cloth used when making oil paintings and murals. The texture provides deep colors and a dull finish. When printed on using high resolution images the output is of photographic quality. This material is suitable for indoor or outdoor use because of the sturdiness and water-resistance of the material. It is used for all types of large format printing including banners, murals, posters, and portraits.

Adhesive stickers:

All materials mentioned above can be altered to have an adhesive back. It will keep its original properties and will not be affected by any additional coatings that may be added to it. This adhesive sticking property is merely added to make mounting easier as there are several adhesives suitable for different materials. Depending on its use, the adhesive substances can also be added to the front for use in glass and window displays. To be able to perform large-scale printing there are standard specifications that an image must meet, however there are also several customization options available for specialized printing needs. Some print shops offer die-cut customization or are open to special color requests. Look for a printing shop that’s open to your needs as a customer.

Retractable Banners/ Pull Up Banners:

These vertical pull-out banners are frequently found at trade shows and various events. When someone needs a lavish display that pops-out at people this is the best choice. One of it's big advantages is that it rolls up for easy cleanup and storage. That is also why they are often referred to "roller banners". To get your hands on one of these you will have to call a local retractable banner printing service or order it online. Generally speaking they can be customized from scratch or you can choose an existing template. Today it is hard to find a trade show, corporate event, or promotional appearance without these large format masterpieces.

The Benefits Of Large Print Sizes

Large format printing has been around for quite a few years, but large displays have been used since long ago. These printing services are used to make banners, window displays, posters, and much more. The point of these large printed items is to catch attention and make a statement. These days, in-house company designers prepare the design and send the file to a print shop to make their poster, but they also have the option of asking print shop designers to prepare the design for them. Printing technology has made significant advances, providing high standard prints with crisp and clear images.

There are several advantages to using large format printing, including:

Choices in printing:

There are so many things you can do when it comes to large font printing. It can be designed for indoor or outdoor use. You can make use of optical illusions or 3D effects. It can be placed on windows, be used as a pop-up banner, or as a billboard. A lot of creative and successful advertisements have used large printing to be carried out. Some were so successful that people spread the ads on the internet out of their own amusement. With some out-of-the-box thinking, you too can create an outstanding print ad that will be remembered by a lot of people.

Quick turnaround times:

Professional services are equipped with the best and latest in printing technology. They should be able to quickly handle your order, even large projects. Most printing projects can be completed in a short amount of time. If you need to make an impact at a meeting or show some props at a conference, this is a fast go-to option for presentations.


Large format printing is much more affordable than other forms of advertising. TV commercials, celebrity endorsements, online campaigns can easily cost more than most forms of large-format print advertisements. The number of people you reach by utilizing window displays, step & repeat backdrops, billboards, and posters and other similar products makes it a low-cost and efficient way of marketing.

Brand visibility:

Large format printing promotes brand visibility. Whether you’re at a conference room, event hall, or at an office building, having a large display with your company’s name or logo will make it very noticeable. People notice and remember these kind of marketing devices. Large-sized printing stands out above most things. Being so easily seen, it is viewed by a lot of people, making it more memorable.

Brand awareness:

By having a print of your company’s advertisement lying around for a long time, the image becomes ingrained in people’s minds. It becomes part of their everyday life. They are aware of its presence and it helps establish top-of-the-mind brand presence. It’s what most companies aim to do, and large print advertising helps establish this dominance in people’s minds.

The quality of prints your print shop produces will definitely affect the final outcome of your message, and affect your market’s perception of your brand. Look at several print shops in your area and compare their prices and services before making a final decision. Be sure to choose a reputable print shop with years of experience and reliable service.

Take A NYC Trade-show By Storm With A Banner Stand:

The banner stand became famous by means of trade shows. The main point of this stand is to allow you to display a huge graphic anywhere you want, 100% portable. Today banner stands are the choice for events, conventions, store fronts and much more. Businesses love to put them out on the sidewalk as nobody can miss them and they are sure to get the message out. In NYC, banner stands flood the streets due to the amount of stores in the area. The pedestrian traffic is how high in Manhattan that companies make millions of these stands. So what are you waiting for? Grow your earnings today and stand out.

Printing Banners On NYC Office Buildings:


Printing Banners On NYC Office Buildings

New York City has a variety of advertising options. Being home to one of the largest and densest population centers in the world, New York City is a prime market for advertising in public. The pedestrian, auto traffic and public transportation are potentials to reach millions of people every week in a cost-effective way. One of the great methods of advertising is banners placed on buildings.


Office building advertising is lucrative method of advertising because of the visibility. It is estimated the average New York spends more time outside of the home than inside. This means if you want to reach the largest number of potential customers it is best done thought public advertising campaigns. Banners are effective is creating name and brand recognition.

There is potentially no limit for the types of advertising that can be utilized. From the clients’ perspective, however there are certain characteristics to look for. The first to see is the size of the banner. If the banner is too small it won’t be seen easily, and if it’s too big it will seem out of sorts. Next, it is important to know which material the banner is made from. This is essential depending on the climate and other factors contributing to durability. The banner will be exposed to the elements day and night, so it must be able to hold up for the required time. A strong nylon is perhaps the most popular, however woven fabrics and mesh an also work very well. In order to extend the life of the banner materials are available that allow wind to pass though. Other methods of reducing wear and tear include using a gloss, or ink type that can withstand long exposures to sunlight. Sunlight is able to quickly deteriorate colors and diminish the look of the banner if not treated properly.


The banner can be placed on the side of the building. The best location is along areas of heavy pedestrian traffic and where many cars or public transportation pass. The design and color pattern should be catchy and attractive to the eyes, and easily visible. This means that in order for people to see it at night it should be in a well-lit area.


Pricing for printing banners depends on the on a few different factors from printing methods to colors used. The material of the banner can fluctuate the price. But the most important factor in price is the size of the banner. The larger the banner, the more expensive, and larger banner require higher quality printing methods to keep the colors and pixels accurate and appealing.

With so much flexibility and potential results banner on office building are an extremely effective way to advertise.

Banner Stands & Retractable Banner Printing in NYC:


Banner stands are an attractive and efficient methods of reaching out to your customer base. They allow an instantaneous visual description of who you are and what you do. As in any method of advertising it’s very easy to cut corner to save cost. However, this can be impractical in banner stands. The fact that banner stands are typically large means that a reduction in image or printing quality is easily noticed and detracts from the pixels and color quality.

          The quality of the paper, includes advanced options like scratch resistant and UV protection. This assists in durability and produces great quality banners. There are also printing techniques like: photographic, ink jet or laser jet.  Photographic by far can produce the highest quality images, and the latter can often be more economical because of the pixel based printing method. The becomes extremely important when the size and material of the banner is taken into considering.
          The banner can be made from a synthetic or natural cloth fiber at the highest end. To vinyl or a plastic type material called polypropylene at the other end of the spectrum. Vinyl can be great for outdoor or indoor use, while the lower quality work best indoors. The stand itself is vital to being able to hold the respective material that your banner was printed on. The same techniques are available for retractable banner stands as well, with the comfort of greater mobility and flexibility.
          Content is essential in banner layout and design. Few customers have time or patients to read a full description of the products or services you offer, and this is the not the purpose of the banner stands. They should contain select highlights that are brief and easy on the eyes, while also remaining relevant. This is especially true for the images, they must pertain directly to your product or service. The most important information should be at eye level usually at the top of the banner, while less important information like contact information should be towards the bottom.

When the banners are being printed the following should be taken into consideration in the layout. The color choice and quality of the images and text, the proportions and centering of each element. Generally speaking, banner stands and retractable banners are created to highlight a specific promotion that is time sensitive, the durability and material on which it is printed should be a consideration for how long the banner will be used. As well as where it will be used. banners are being printed.

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